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There is no world more dazzling or mesmerising that that of ladies clothes and fashion accessories; constantly changing, ever evolving, today is all about tomorrow and yesterday consigned to history. Worth billions and providing employment to countless designers, workmen, fabricators, stylists, and the entire set of high street fashion boutiques; the fashion industry is all about staying ahead of the rest and sparking new trends. The nature of the fashion industry is innovation led and personality-oriented. Hence, most players tend to be small, making it difficult for them to engage into expensive marketing and sales exercises. One of the most effective ways of communicating cheaply with prospective customers is via email that has the benefit of being extremely quick while costing next to nothing to send. The main issue of communicating by email is getting the correct email addresses of the recipients and in quantities that are commercially viable for a marketing exercise. This concern is best addressed by the acquisition of an email mailing list of fashion accessories and ladies clothes shops. With access to an email mailing list of fashion accessories and ladies clothes shops, it is possible for small businesses involved in supplying the ladies fashion market to effectively and efficiently target their principal customers over a substantially large geographical area that would have been otherwise expensive to market to. It is easy to impress customers with email; you can have the mailers professionally designed to capture the attention of recipients immediate with contents that are of high relevance to them and you can also tailor your message so that they remain relevant to different audiences. Since transmission of email via  is immediate you can organise flash sale or discount programs without the conventional lead time that would have been necessary for other means of communication. Of course for best results you need to make sure that the email mailing list of fashion accessories and ladies clothes shops is current and accurate. Otherwise your efforts will be wasted. You can purchase an address database and directory of fashion accessories and ladies clothes shops that can be used as the core of your sales activities. Possessing such a directory will save substantial time, effort and cost that would have otherwise gone into identifying prospective customers. Regardless of which method you use to establish contact with customers you must make sure that the list or the database is relevant, accurate and up to date. Ensure this b y purchasing only from reputable vendors without giving into the temptation of cheap prices from unknown sources.